Journey to RESULTS

If you fully participate, you will achieve your desired results or your money back.



Personalized, Guided, All-Inclusive

Simple Steps to deliver RESULTS

  • Understand Your Cognitive Baseline

  • Establish Your Goals

  • Meet Your Team

  • Complete Your Assessment

  • Develop Your Personalized Plan

  • Create Your Transformation

  • Measure Your Progress



Understand Your Cognitive Baseline


  • Understand your cognitive baseline through cognitive & lifestyle questionnaires and objective brain function testing


  • Validated for detection of early cognitive decline and optimized for targeting key areas for brain health improvement

  • Reviewed via 1hr video conference with one of our brain health advisors



Establish Your Goals


  • Your personalized program will be developed around your cognitive baseline report and your primary health goals

  • Choose three SMART health goals to work toward in a six-month program

  • Goals will be further refined into MIO’s (Most Important Outcomes) after your assessment - This is how we guarantee RESULTS



Meet Your Team


  • Introduction to your health coach, your doctor and your lifestyle support team


  • Onboarding to our health ecosystem technology platform which will be your program command center



Complete Your Assessment


  • Fill out smart questionnaires to build your medical & family history


  • Lifestyle baseline through wearable technology


  • Biomarker collection through 100% at-home labs, concierge phlebotomy and/or brain imaging*



Develop Your Personalized Plan


  • Review your assessment with your doctor for 60-90 minutes*


  • Refine your Goals into five specific and measurable MIO’s based upon your complete assessment


  • Understand your primary drivers of decline and roadmap to RESULTS including precision medicine* and lifestyle design for optimal brain health.

Develop your Personalized plan.png



Create Your Transformation


  • Meet with your health coach and team on a weekly basis to implement your personalized plan


  • Utilize your health ecosystem technology platform for daily activity, education and communication


  • Review progress with your doctor regularly to make plan modifications as necessary



Measure Your Progress


  • Weekly measurement of lifestyle biomarkers with real-time progress tracking


  • Monthly measurement of cognitive function with real-time progress tracking


  • Repeat full biomarker assessment at the end of your program to show objective changes matching your MIOs and RESULTS




If we accept your case and you do the work, you will achieve the health results you want during your program or your money back.