The Solution

MIOS Health offers all-inclusive, virtually-guided precision medical and lifestyle programs to improve your brain function, boost your overall health and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. And we guarantee your results.


All our programs last six months, and we have several options to meet your personal needs, goals and commitments.



All programs include:

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Medical Supervision

All programs are
supervised by a licensed medical doctor.

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Daily activities and education covering lifestyle, medical topics, habit formation and your environment. Conveniently delivered in our interactive app.

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Health Coaching

One-on-one health coaching & group classes at a cadence that is comfortable to you. Supported by Tiny Habits program from Stanford.

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Interact regularly with your classmates (others who are going through the program) discuss your journey, collaborate on challenges, and celebrate victories.

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Ongoing objective and subjective measurement incorporating online brain testing and wearables to ensure you are on the right track. You’ll see the progress that you feel.

Which program is right for me?

MIOS Protect Your Future_PMS 632.png

Protect Your Future

A comprehensive, simple, step-by-step guided approach to improving brain function

For individuals with no
cognitive symptoms

MIOS Enhance Your Future_PMS 142.png

Enhance Your Future


Ideal for a guided prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

For individuals with symptoms and/or cognitive concerns

MIOS Reclaim Your Future_PMS Green C.png

Reclaim Your Future



Our most advanced program

For individuals with a MCI
diagnosis or interested in
a medical deep dive

Using your cognitive baseline, other risk factors and your goals, your brain health results expert will help you and your family determine which program is the best fit.


Discounts are available for payment in full and for couples.