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2020 Alzheimer's Facts and Figures

The 2020 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures have been released from the Alzheimer's Association. What has changed since 2019, and what new figures are relevant to you? In this article we break down the most important information from this new guide.

The Most Important Information:

  • Alzheimer's Disease costs on average $365k per person (not including residence)

  • Deaths from heart disease continue to decrease (down another 1.8% since 2017) but deaths from Alzheimer's Disease continue to rise (up an additional 1% since 2017)

  • The estimated number of cases and cost is expected to triple by the year 2050

  • 82% of primary care physicians believe they are on the front lines of providing dementia care, while 50% believe the medical profession is not prepared to meet the growing demand.

Not much has changed since the 2019 report, but if anything, the future looks more grim. There were no new drugs found, no new recommendations for prevention and a continued concern over the growing epidemic.

The Alzheimer's Association has done a fantastic job of making people aware of the problem at hand and have produced great reports to make sure this information is clear and compelling. But there is a lack of information on things to do now to prevent or even reverse progression toward Alzheimer's Disease. For more information on this, visit our Science page.

If you're looking for the disease facts, we've included their summary video, infographic and links to the full report and accompanying primary care report below:

The summary video:

The Infographic:

Link to the full report

Link to the accompanying primary care report

Are you interested in not becoming a statistic? Click here to find out more.

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