Our mission will not be accomplished alone, it will be accomplished with the support and participation of other mission-based team members, practitioners and partners.

Our mission, "making reversing cognitive decline simple," is not that simple...


We are already standing on the shoulders of giants and owe a major debt of gratitude to their previous and continued work. We plan on accelerating this work.


Collectively we will help put our field’s personalized, proactive lifestyle and medicine model on the map. We will give our field the data and momentum to reach higher levels of scientific and medical acceptance. And through this effort we hope to help each and every member of our ecosystem achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

If this sounds like a mission you want to be a part of, we'd like to talk with you.



I know someone who may be a good fit for a 

MIOS Health program

I can help drive the MIOS Health mission forward by becoming a member of the core team

I am a practitioner 

currently serving clients and want to collaborate