We help people with Pre-Alzheimer's not develop Alzheimer's Disease.

Becoming the hero of your own journey:

At MIOS Health we believe everyone has the right to a healthy brain. We also believe people can make positive and powerful changes in order to achieve this.

In our experience, once individuals start to lose their brain function, they lose their identity. Once you’ve been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment or a form of Dementia, you lose the ability to visualize a beautiful, purpose filled future.


It’s also our experience that once we are able to help guide our clients toward reversal of their cognitive decline, they develop a new identity, a new sense of purpose and can clearly see their future.


This is why we not only help our clients protect, brighten and reclaim their future, we help them design it as well.




A mission bigger than our current generations:

We understand that we are working on the problem of cognitive decline toward the later stages in life. However, we know that being proactive about your health and your lifestyle has the greatest opportunity to end this disease before it starts. We have identified one area where we can have the greatest impact on this disease for the next generation:





We believe commercial farming practices, processed foods, chemicals and additives are having a negative impact on our health. In fact, eating an organic & wild, well-balanced and colorful diet may be the most powerful investment one can make in their health. In order to make the largest impact on health, we must invest in upstream.

We give a portion of our revenue for each program participant to help regenerate farmland to organic no-spray, no-till soil through Farmers Footprint (501c3).


Watch the trailer for their film here.




The Problem


A century of monocrop farming and reliance on pesticides has damaged our once-fertile soils, our farmers' livelihoods and the health of our nation.

There are billions of dollars of incentives that go to big-agriculture and big-food each year that are not aligned with our health.




The Solution


Regenerative agriculture focuses on rebuilding organic matter and living biodiversity in soil. This produces more nutrient-dense food each year. Regenerative agriculture also pulls excess carbon out of the atmosphere to impact climate change.

Farmers make a better living, access to organic food increases while price drops and our health becomes #1 again.