All six-month program options are guided by educational modules and activities through the MY RESULTS framework, and are personalized for your needs and goals.



Each of the following has been scientifically validated to have either a positive or negative impact on your cognitive health, depending upon your current and past habits. Your program will help you ensure the impact on your future will be a positive one.

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We believe that anyone can achieve transformational change by committing to one’s own care. We help you develop a positive mental state of resiliency.

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Your Unique Self

We believe in personalizing our programs uniquely based on a person’s genetics, biochemistry, personality, capabilities, values & goals. We make our program yours.

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Reduce Chronic Stress

We believe chronic stress underpins most chronic diseases. We help you reduce the overall effects of stress while increasing your ability to manage stress in the moment.

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Eat for Brain Power

We believe in the scientific research that shows a targeted, sustainable diet creates and maintains optimal brain function. We get you feeling great with healthy foods you can regularly find, afford, prepare, and enjoy.

Sleep Well

We believe the brain cannot function or repair itself properly without adequate sleep. We help you develop consistent routines that allow for optimal sleep quality and quantity.

Uncover Your Purpose

We believe achieving any important goal requires a clear sense of purpose. We help you strengthen or develop that purpose and inspire you to live each day with that purpose in mind.

Learn New Things

We believe in the power of neuroplasticity and the principle of “use it or lose it”. We help you develop and sustain a more resilient brain in fun, interesting, and challenging ways.

Train Your Body

We believe a healthy brain requires a healthy body. We help you improve your physical fitness in a way that is designed specifically for your needs, capabilities, and interests.

Socialize With Others

We believe that social isolation and loneliness fuel cognitive decline. We help you explore and hone your social engagement and human connection.