How It 


The next step to the future you desire:

We partner with you, your family and current medical team to help you reclaim a beautiful, purpose filled future.




Step 1:



Your health journey starts with understanding the problem of cognitive decline, and why we believe you have the power to control your health destiny. Our short introductory video and program guide is the first step on a new path for your brain health.



Step 2:



After you view our introductory video, we ask that you fill out a short questionnaire about your health concerns, symptoms, support and goals to understand if we may be able to help. 



Step 3:



Your first one-on-one discovery call with one of our brain health advisors will last about 30 minutes.


During your call you will learn more about your individual risk for Alzheimer's Disease, identify actions you can take now to reduce your risk and determine next steps.



Step 4:



Our online application process includes both an at-home, cognitive function screener and a set of smart questionnaires. These tools help us establish your brain function baseline, health status and determine which program will be the best fit.



Step 5:



We'll discuss your best options based upon your cognitive screener, symptoms and goals. If you are accepted into one of our programs and you choose us to guide you toward your health goals, we can begin the partnership!






If we accept your case and you do the work, you will achieve the health results you want during your program or your money back.