MIOS Health is the only medical & lifestyle experience willing to make a promise that if we accept your case and you do the work, you will achieve the health results you desire in your program or your money back.




Founded by a team who sees a new future, upon principles to change the way we approach health.
Our approach does not involve more drug research. It does not involve seven-minute Doctor’s office visits or waiting rooms. It does not involve your insurance dictating your care. It does not involve “getting your affairs in order."

Our approach blends personalized, precision medicine with behavior design, technology and education and empowers individuals and their families to live life around their health, rather than their health as an afterthought of their life.



Reversing Cognitive Decline, Made Simple

EVERYTHING you need to reverse cognitive decline, increase cognitive performance and achieve your desired health results.




1710 Camden Road, Unit 1

Charlotte NC 28203

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